Conceptual Roots

Pieces to Programs

In architecture, the modern history of the multiple is intimately entangled with the question of publics, politics, and the audience produced from/for capitalist form. Thus, despite the seeming disparity of medium, the encounter between computational logic, algorithmic thinking and architecture accelerated an on-going interest in the roll of program and populations.

In emphasizing a generative engagement with the multiple, in building atop today's social networks, Mnemonic Memory playfully hopes to continue those conversation while plumbing their novel contours. We want others to join us in that query. Plus, really, we like making. ;)

Tectonic Triumphs

That's right, they taught us everything we know...

Benedetta Piantella Simeonidis

kept us from short circuiting everything. Her 'switch' and material advice was invaluable as we tested and tinkered. In short, she was immensely helpful and patience as a pcomp instructor.

Dan O'Sullivan

fielded Saki's processing program questions and, surprise, a snippet of Dan O's copied code lies at the base of our arduino-processing-php trifecta.

Robin Overstreet

dealt with our generally exhausting and obtuse php questions with considerable grace. She, and the legions of confused coders at stackoverflow, have sparked an enduring appreciation of server side dynamics (i.e. aren't those updated axo-icons dandy).

Solid Skills

...Okay, not everything. We're pretty darn competent in general.

Saki Hayashi

is an architect (RIBA II) and an Architectural Association Alumni. She took the conceptual lead on Mnemonic Making and will continue development of the project during her time at ITP.

Saki coded the majority of: the processing-php interactions.

Meg Studer

is a landscape urbanist and, also, an Architectural Association Alumni. She really enjoyed talking 'shop' while crafting schematics and brainstorming technical details. Her research lies in the history of governmental data, territorial constructs, and 19th century encounters between the nascent 'quantified-self' and conservation ethics.

Meg coded the majority of: the website-php interface.

Saki & Meg co-produced: the physical Mnemonic Making game, the electric wiring, and the arduino serial communication code. All engaged in many rounds of debugging.

[project brought to you by Saki Hayashi and Meg Studer(AKA Siteations) copyleft 2013]